Student Exchange – Sweden 2017

The exchange dates – 27 March – 31 March

Venue –  Nyvångskolan Dalby, Sweden

Participants – 29 students from Sweden; 8 students from Bulgaria; 7 students from Spain, 14 students from Italy

Visiting teachers – 6

Day 1

  • Warm welcome by the school community.
  • Introductions
  • Speed Dating to get to know each other – team .
  • Reflections – anxieties and expectations in national groups
  • Lesson Observation – Maths, Art, Social Science
  • Swedish Language Class – whole group activity
  • Orientiering – team building activities at Skrylle
  • BBQ chit chat around the fire

Day 2

*Student Reflections

My Swedish family turns on all the lights when it gets dark; even when they are not in the room.

Meals times are very early in Sweden – lunch is at 11.30 for example.

When we say it is getting warmer in Sweden, our foreign counterparts say it is very cold here in Lund.

Our Catalan guests face time a lot with their friends even when we need to go out. They Skype a lot.

Everyone takes off their shoes before entering the house.

Swedish students say some of their guests do not brush their teeth before going out. They do it after they wake up.

Swedish people do not talk much or watch TV or listen to music when they have dinner.

It’s too quiet in the houses. Also in the area.

Swedish students are very respectful in class – the moment the teacher starts speaking, they are quiet.

In Sweden they are strict rules and they are observed – alcohol is a case in point.

Bulgarians wash their hands before every meal even if their hands are not dirty.

For Bulgarians it is socially acceptable to smoke in public.

All signs are in Swedish even though almost everyone speaks English.

No tablecloths on the tables in Sweden.

Almost no night life in Sweden.

Candlelights during mealtimes.

Bulgarians walk with kind of flip-flops in the house instead  of barefoot.

Swedish students have Religion classes.

Swimming 200

*Apps presentation

*TV show

*Visit to the Mayor

*Walk around Lund

Day 3

* reflections 
* App content national group
* Teacher meeting
* App content international group
* Student councils presentations
* Newspaper interviews
* Cooking national dishes

* Videos of cooking national dishes premiere

Day 4

  • Tour of Malmo

Day 5

  • Sports
  • Teacher Meeting
  • Karaoke Night