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Here you will find useful materials on culture, cultural differences, perception in intercultural communication, cultural competences and how to approach all these in the classroom and in life. These links will satisfy your curiosity as an educator willing to develop their cultural awareness.

Culture – why is it important?


Lesson Plans on Intercultural Learning


European Stereotypes

How to get rid of stereotypes

In some cultures, personal bonds and informal agreements are far more binding than any formal contract. In others, the meticulous wording of legal documents is viewed as paramount. High-context cultures (Mediterranean, Slav, Central European, Latin American, African, Arab, Asian, American-Indian) leave much of the message unspecified – to be understood through context, nonverbal cues, and between-the-lines interpretation of what is actually said. By contrast, low-context cultures (most of the Germanic and English-speaking countries) expect messages to be explicit and specific. The former are looking for meaning and understanding in what is not said – in body language, in silences and pauses, and in relationships and empathy. The latter place emphasis on sending and receiving accurate messages directly, and by being precise with spoken or written words.

from Forbes: How Culture Impacts Communication

As such, intercultural competence has been identified as one of the top 10 work skills needed for the workforce of 2020 alongside skills such as sense-making, social intelligence, adaptive thinking, new media literacy, transdisciplinarity, and design mindset. Intercultural competence entails being able to recognize cultural variables, to understand how these variables influence interaction and maximizing that knowledge to minimize misunderstanding.

from A Summer School in the Netherlands

“Big C”, Little c” Culture

Adrian Holliday – Large Culture and Small Culture Approach

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Critical Incidents as Tools

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