Resource Pack


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The resource pack will include the following educational resources:


– 20 critical incidents (five from each partner school)  based on the authentic experiences of the students. These will be topic-based but skills-driven and the decision about which topics will be taken during the first transnational meeting. The skills envisaged will draw on the methodology we will use – observation and reflection, meaning attribution, empathy, suspending judgement, reframing,etc.


– 4 filmed drama sketches(students will work in transnational teams) performed by students illustrating culture bumps because of misunderstandings based on differences in body language, communication or values.


– methodology explaining how the critical incidents and the drama sketches can be used to develop intercultural skills and awareness. This will help teachers outside the project to incorporate these materials into their curricula if  relevant/of interest.


– students’  and teachers’ reflections on their encounters with their project partner cultures published on the project e-magazine/blog – as blog posts and videos


– an app simulating the real journeys into each partner culture and the possible misunderstandings which may occur as well as the successful approaches to deal with those misunderstandings. The characters will embody each partner school culture through their name, clothes, food preferences, body languages and other specific forms of characterization. Since the app is based on the experiences of the students, this is a way to show the content and conslusions of the project in a more modern way. By creating a gamelike app, the content will be more interesting for youths and easy to access for people  who have been in the project and for those outside of the project. Constructing an app will also challenge many of the students in a new way.


– 4 video clips , recording  the host language learning classes in each partner schools. these videos will promote the languages of the partner schools. Also they could be used by anyone embarking on planning a similar school exchange involving foreign language acquisition.



Topics for the resource pack:


  • Communication
    • Body language
    • Greetings
    • Addressing people/formality
    • Space
    • ………….


  • Behaviours
    • Privacy
    • Times
    • Celebrations
    • Standing in line
    • Smoking


  • Schoolculture
    • Eating in school
    • Books, pens, materials
    • Timetable
    • Subjects
    • Using technology


  • Homeculture and chill out:
    • Eating
    • Times
    • Kinds of food
    • Helping out with the dishes
    • Drinking
    • Brushing teeth
    • Curfew
    • Spare time activities